“A massive thank you to Jim Nina and crew. Just come out of an awesome and successful hunt into the back hills with Tahltan outfitters. Hunting was tuff due to weather but there wasn’t a time that the guides showed any doubt of getting the job done. Food was exceptional and we were always comfortable in our camps, nothing was to much trouble for these guys. Hadn’t ridden a horse before hand but there great horses make it feel as if I had. Once again thanks for making a small time Aussie’s dream come true and for all the great memories. Regards ” — Louis Cassar, Victoria, Australia
“After unsuccessful moose hunts in Quebec, Alberta, and Newfoundland, I was really about to give up when I contacted my outfitter friend for a recommendation. Without hesitation he named Tahltan Outfitters as he had hunted with them several times. I contacted Nina and together we customized a moose hunt to fit my time schedule and hunting style - a 10 day moose hunt by boat in mid September. To fully make this my “trip of a lifetime “ I chose to drive the 3500 miles each way from Kentucky and truly see the country. The excitement really built when our float plane took off for our private lake. There I was warmly welcomed by my guide Bill. After settling in Bill and I discussed my expectations, physical limitations (2 artificial knees), and comfortable shooting range. Bill did everything possible to tailor my hunt to my needs. We would moose hunt in the morning and evening and fish during the day. Nothing better than catching an 8 pound trout or a 30” pike and having it for supper! Bill is an outstanding cook! Day five was the first cold, rainy day, but it cleared off in the evening for us to hunt and Bill glassed a bull with paddles about a half mile across the lake. After what seemed like an eternity we finally were about 200 yards from the bull when Bill gave me the “thumbs up” to shoot. As we continued closer to the bull all I could think of was “this is finally happening.” The bull started getting nervous so I started throwing .35 cal lead into him. After 2 lung shots and a liver shot at 75 yards he finally lifted his head and dropped in the lake. Hell yes, it finally happened!!! Another one checked off the bucket list! Bill and I spent the next two days quartering the moose, fleshing the cape, boiling the skull, and building a lifelong friendship. Forever memories! EVERYTHING with Tahltan Outfitters exceeded my expectations! Book with them... you owe it to yourself! ” — Fred King, London, Kentucky
“I hunted with Tahltan Outfitters in 2018 for Moose and Mountain Caribou. Your hosts, Jim and Nina, are extremely accommodating and will go out of their way to make your hunt a success. The outfitting area is truly remote, and you will experience a proper wilderness hunt. It is obvious that horses are a passion of Jim and Nina’s and the whole string were the best I’ve seen. They were all in great condition and were rotated throughout the hunt to share the workload. It can be tough to find capable guides but Tahltan has an experienced team that has worked with them for several seasons. This local knowledge is invaluable. While the warm sunny days kept the moose largely in the timber, we did spot some magnificent bulls and the area has some extremely high-quality animals. I was fortunate to take a moose on day 6 of the hunt despite the tough weather conditions. The caribou was taken late on the last day of the hunt and we returned to camp late at night. If it wasn’t for the work ethic of the crew, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. As we finished up butchering and loading the caribou onto the horses for the three-hour ride back to camp, a near full moon rose from behind a mountain over the high plateau. It shone enough light for us to lead the horses across an area of swamp and onto a trail before darkness fell and the Northern lights danced across the sky. I rode in silent satisfaction back to camp just appreciating the wilderness. This is why we hunt in these beautiful, remote locations. ” — James Barbe, New South Wales, Australia
“Some years back, a friend of mine was telling me about a Moose hunt he had just returned from, and I was hooked from the get go. Last spring, having forgotten the name of the outfit, I talked with my buddy Brad, and lo and behold, he not only recommended Tahltan Outfitters of BC, but clued me in on Jim and Nina's donation of a moose hunt to be auctioned in 5 days through the Great Falls, MT SCI Chapter... Long story short, I won the auctioned hunt, and was soon to be hunting with a phenomenal outfitter! Jim's operation is nothing short of exceptional, with awesome guides, wranglers and cooks, the best saddle and pack stock I've ever seen, and amazing country and animals! I've not been on all that many guided hunts, but as an assistant guide in AK, and a hunting guide in four other states for various species, I have a pretty clear picture of what works and doesn't work in the outfitting and guiding industry! Jim and Nina's Tahltan Outfitters operation is the real deal and best I've ever seen in Backcountry Hunting! To put it simply, and in my words... I work and guide to hunt, I'll be back!” — Nathan Brett, Salcha, AK
“My Moose hunt with Tahltan Outfitters was one of the most memorable and best experiences that I have ever had and I've been on a few hunts, for sure! From the day I left Great Falls until the day I returned (almost three weeks) it was, like, WOW, is this really happening?! The scenery, the camp and Eric, my guide, he was just the BEST! Always polite, respectful, knowledgeable and the most helpful, he was always there to make sure that I was doing ok.....what more could I have asked for? And, I might add, that guy has got a whole lot of interesting life experiences to tell. He added a whole lot to the hunting experience, for sure! There was plenty of food to boot. The Canadian bacon was the best! And, as you know, I dropped a GREAT Canadian Bull Moose. He's gonna make a beautiful pedestal mount! I'm pretty sure I'm still in Moose Heaven! Nina was so helpful every step of the way..... and THANK YOU again Nina for putting up with all my questions! I took over 2,000 photos and forty plus videos. And, so, Jim, Nina and your crew.......a million thanks......it was, indeed, for me, the hunt of a lifetime!” — Leon Bernard, Great Falls, MT
“For an authentic back-country hunt boasting exceptional hunting opportunities for superior trophy quality species, Tahltan Outfitters is my first choice when sending clients in for Mountain Caribou, Canadian Moose and Stone’s Sheep. ” — Olivia N. Opre 2014 SCI Diana Award Winner & International Hunting Consultant
“Amazing !!! My husband and I had the best time ever !!! We would definitely go back !!!! Well worth the $$ !!!!! ” — Bill & Kelsi Heisler, Great Falls, MT
“An adventure indeed. I was privileged to experience the Hunt of a Lifetime with Tahltan Outfitters. The back country and wildlife were amazing. Jimmy Peterson is tougher than any man I’ve ever met. He’s a true field general and instills confidence (even on the toughest days) while his wife Nina is tougher than most people I know with the ability to brighten up camp with a great smile and inviting demeanor. Their team of horses is second to none as they purposefully breed/select mountain horses to go where we went. Tahltan’s crew are legitimate Rocky Mountain professionals. You will value the crew and the quality horses more than your rifle or optics by the end of the experience. Jimmy and his crew can Ride, Pack, Camp, Hike and Hunt with the best in the world… they are the real deal. Enough said, to a sheep hunter. Thanks Jim, Nina, and Team. You made my dreams come true!” — Jay Flohr, Sidney, NE
“Hi Jim and Nina, I want to thank you for a memorable and successful moose hunt with Tahltan Outfitters. The "Old Days" feel of my horse hunt was really great. The country was beautiful and it certainly helped seeing many animals. The accommodations and food were everything I expected. Jim's moose calling was first class. We even saw 3 wolves up close, which was a real treat. I would highly recommend your outfit to anyone looking for an authentic moose hunt in a very scenic northern setting. Please convey my appreciation to all the guides/wranglers/cooks who helped bring it all together. And a special High 5 to 'Ty Horn', famous moose guide of the north. ” — Ron Williams, Kingston,WA
“My hunting companion, Pete Brownell, and I hunted stone sheep with Jimmy in 2013. We had a great experience - both of us took great Rams within five minutes of each other! Jimmy was assisted by Dempsey Callison (who has forgotten more about backcountry horseback hunting than most outfitters will learn in a career) and a wrangler. Camps were typical backcountry wall tents; stock was good; and we saw, typically, 15-25 sheep each day including many good rams. It's not a hunt for the foo-foo, wait on you hand and foot, but it is a real, hardy adventure-type hunt where you earn your sheep.” — Tom Opre, Kalispell, MT
“A big, white maned mountain caribou bull is something that I had been dreaming of for years. In fact, this was my fourth trip to British Columbia and the NWT and as of yet, I still have not had one in my cross hairs. “About 3:30 is when we start seeing them move”. Guess what, right at 3:30 Jim announced, “I see a bull and a cow”… The bull heard the calls, and responded. He turned to his right, took a few steps towards us, then froze and just stared our way… When the crosshairs settled behind the bull’s shoulder, I squeezed the trigger. The bull lurched at the shot, and then stood stiff legged. I jacked in another shell, and shot again… The moose was still trying to lift his head, so I give him a finisher. Nice bull... This was indeed the bull that I had come here for. “I’ll take this kind of bull anytime in Canada”, I stated while suppressing a smile. …That is when Jim spotted the caribou I mentioned at the beginning of the story. Halfway to where we had seen the bull, a small bull caribou came out of some willows and decided we looked like good traveling companions. He trotted along with us, staying about 50 yards away. I kept thinking that maybe this was an omen… Suddenly, as if on cue, the big bull we were after appeared on the slope above us… After what seemed like hours, but probably only 3 minutes, the big caribou bull stepped up on a rise about 225 yards from us. “Be legal,” I thought. Then Jim whispered, “he’s legal”. BOOM! That was it. Our long awaited trophy bull was on the ground…This old bull was exactly what I had traveled to the north country for. His beams were so massive that you couldn’t reach around them at any point. The tops were filled with many long, heavy points. And, the total kicker, he had the most gorgeous white mane that I had ever seen on a caribou… Who cared if it was pitch dark and the grizzlies here were wanting fresh meat. We had a perfect trip. ” — Brad K. Smith, Preston, Idaho
“I've always wanted to hunt moose and finally made the decision to do that this year. I've never been on a guided/outfitter hunt before, so I started my search on the Internet. I reviewed a lot of outfitters' websites and they were all fairly similar. So I decided to ask a business associate who has been on many big game hunts for a recommendation. It didn't take him long to get me Jim Peterson's name at Tahltan Outfitters. I was particularly interested in hunting in or near the Yukon, so Tahltan Outfitters, located in northern British Columbia, was a good fit. After talking to Jim, it was easy to move forward and book my hunt. Jim promised a "hunt of a lifetime" and that's what he and his crew delivered. On my first day, my guide called a shooter bull moose right to us. The bull needed some coaxing and that's exactly what my guide did. A few days later we were spotting for caribou, when we saw eight off in the distance. My guide and I got on our horses and rode closer to the caribou. Not long after the stalk started we were looking at three good bulls within one hundred yards. The best bull disappeared into a dip in the terrain and when I asked my guide if I should shoot one of the other bulls (both nice bulls) he said "No, you want the other one." My guide knew the land and working with the wind, he had me within seventy-five yards of the best bull within ten minutes! Everything from the crew, to the food, to the views, to the hunting was exceptional. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend Tahltan Outfitters to anyone. ” — Kevin McMurtrie, Orefield, PA