Planning Your Trip

The time leading up to your hunting adventure with Tahltan Outfitters should be stress free and exciting.  You are going on the trip of a lifetime and should not have to worry about anything! If you have any questions or would like help arranging your travel plans please contact us.


Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long are your hunts?

Our sheep hunts are twelve hunting days and our Moose/Caribou hunts are ten hunting days


Can we leave early if we tag out early?

You most certainly may do that.  Keep in mind that all flights outside of the regularly scheduled charter flights are your responsibility, also commercial airline change fees can be costly, it is recommended to discuss this with your travel agent prior to booking.


Do you allow drinking or alcohol in your camps?

Yes we do, but please understand that this is a hunting trip not a party.  Our guides are out there because they love to hunt and care a great deal about your hunt.  If you wish to celebrate in the evenings, by all means go ahead, just be sure that is does not affect your hunting ability.  Drinking is not allowed until the end of the hunting day.  If you decide you would like to start drinking sooner, the hunting will be over for that day. 


What is the Procedure with Firearms?

You will need to declare your rifle at customs and pay a fee of $25.  It is recommended to fill out the form prior to arrival to save time, DO NOT sign the form though as your signature must be witnessed by a Canada Border Services Customs Officer.  The firearm and ammunition must be packed in separate containers.  It is highly recommended to double check the specific requirements of all carriers that you will be using during your trip. 


Can we bring our animals home with us if we are flying?

This depends on which airline you are using, generally we recommend that the trophies are transported to a taxidermist who will ship them to you or your taxidermist.  We can arrange this for you.  If you are planning on flying with your animals we highly recommend that you contact your airline to ensure you are following all the necessary procedures.  


Can we bring our animals home with us if we are driving?

Yes, you may do so unless the animal requires a CITES permit, then it will have to be shipped to you.


Who are the guides?

We have a great crew of hardworking, knowledgeable guides who will go out of their way to get you your animals and ensure that your trip is everything you had thought it would be.  You can see some of our great guides in the About Us section under Our Guides.  Gratuities to the guides are greatly appreciated and are not included in the hunt price.


What do you expect of your hunters?

We expect you to arrive on time, ready to hunt, and have a great time!  We expect you to trust us and our guides as we know our area and game very well.  Do not expect to shoot the first animal that you lay eyes on, do not expect us to break any laws or regulations as we will only harvest game in a 100% legal manner.  Do not expect to continue the hunt for a species if you have wounded an animal – if this happens you can expect that your guide will make all reasonable efforts to retrieve your animal.  We are not only a team, we are a family, and the entire crew will go out of their way to ensure that you have a memorable experience!


Do you have a weight limit for the horseback hunts?

We do have a weight limit for our horseback hunts to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and successful hunt.  Anyone over 250lbs will automatically be placed on a lake hunt by boat.  If you are close to this weight please advise us in advance and we can talk about the available options.