Canadian Moose

Tahltan Outfitters guided British Columbia Canadian Moose hunts are ten day exclusive horseback excursions. 

Our skilled guides and horses are an exceptional team bringing together classic old style hunts season after season. 

The average Moose harvested is 55" with 60"+ bulls being harvested each season. 

The area of Tahltan Outfitters offers prime habitat for large Canadian Moose.  The Moose found in our area are larger than the average Canadian Moose due to the fact that the hunting area is a mere 60 miles from the Yukon border bringing the influence of the large Alaska/Yukon moose.

 Tahltan Outfitters area hosts an astonishing number of over thirty lakes.  These lakes are surrounded by an intricate swamp system offer some of the best Moose hunting in British Columbia.  The Moose harvested with Tahltan Outfitters average 55”+  with 60”+ bulls being taken each season. 

Tahltan Outfitters offers both horseback Moose hunts as well as boat hunts on the many lakes.  Mountain Caribou can be added to the Moose hunts for a great combo!


**Anyone over 250 lbs will automatically be placed on a lake hunt by boat.  If you have concerns please notify us in advance**

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