Mountain Goat

Tahltan Outfitters Mountain Goat hunts are a great horseback adventure. 

The billy goats harvested are old and in their prime.  The average size harvested is 9.5” with 6” bases.

Tahltan Outfitters Mountain Goat hunts are a 12 day hunting adventure.  They can be done as an add on with our Stone's Sheep hunts, or as Mountain Goat only hunts.

Our Mountain Goat hunts do require the participant to have great physical endurance as Mountain Goats are hardy creatures living in rough terrain.  The streneous nature of the hunt makes it all the more rewarding when you take your big Billy in the picturesque mountains our area has to offer. 

The Mountain Goats harvested with Tahltan Outfitters have an average size of 9.5” with 6” bases.  Billy’s up to 11” with 6.5” bases have been harvested in the past with the oldest one being aged at 13 years!  

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