Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally on its way and we sure are happy about that!  The days are getting longer, and hunting season is approaching quickly! 

We are finishing up the show circuit in the next two weeks and have donated two great hunts!  For information on how to place a bid contact us!

A week ago  Jim and a good friend of his went on a trip in to the hunting area to do some spring cleaning, and boy were they successful!  The cabins that needed it got a tune up, recycling was brought out, and so were forgotten and unclaimed items from previous years.  In addition to doing some clean-up they also hauled in some supplies, and feed for our wonderful horses in preparation for the upcoming season.  Although the weather was not on hundred percent cooperative they had a successful trip and will be going in again in the future.

Another new thing that we are working on this spring is getting branded gear ready.  This is currently one of the top items on our to do list, and any input is more than appreciated.  If you have any comments as to what kind of gear and items you would like to see please let us know!