New Additions

We are very excited that our first year foaling went very well, we now have nine little goofballs running around.  We purchased a beautiful Percheron Quarter Horse stud (Chip) with the perfect mountain horse build and a lovely temperament that would fit in perfectly with our string of horses and cross well with our mares.  We weren't sure how successful our  breeding program would be as the mares that we wanted to have colts from were from Fletcher Day's original string of mountain horses.  These lovely mares are not in their prime anymore and had never had foals before, making the chances of conception a lot lower.  Chip was set loose with a small group of the girls last spring and by the time late fall rolled around we could see that five of them looked a lot wider than usual.  Hoping for the best we put them in a maternity pen along with four mares that we had purchased as bred mares so that they could have peace and quiet and extra feed.  In early April the first foal was born, a beautiful buckskin colt by Ellie May.  Shortly after Honey girl had a sweet little buckskin filly, followed by Skid and Maggie (only a day apart) with another filly and colt.  By the end of May the foals had all arrived with the last one being a stunning, flashy filly with one blue and one brown eye.  It is very interesting to watch the youngsters interacting with each other and their mothers, they are already tromping through the mud and going in the pond with their moms (well on their way to being great little mountain horses!).  Some of them are already leading perfectly and doing all sorts of exercises with their moms (like picking up their feet, getting their legs washed and running around an arena).  The training will continue when they are weaned, slowly of course with everyone getting caught up on leading and picking up their feet.  We are so happy that we are able to keep the bloodlines of the wonderful original Fletcher Day horses going.