Come Visit Us in Reno 2017

Come visit us at the Sheep Show in Reno This year!

We will be at booth 666 from January 19-21 and are very excited to announce that we have donated a Moose/Wolf hunt.

Our hunt will be auctioned off on Friday evening - item number 32.  If you are interested in bidding, but cannot attend there is the option of online bidding for your convenience.  Visit the online hunting auctions website to place your bid! Our auction hunt is for a great full on rut hunt spot from October 4-12, 2017.  This year we took three fantastic bulls and a beautiful wolf on that hunt.  The largest of the bulls came in at 61".  For more information on the hunt send us an email, or stop by the booth!

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

Jim & Nina Peterson