Cabin Building

A few weeks ago Jim, Dempsey, Ty and Taylor headed up to one of our lovely boat hunt camps to build new cabins.  After an initial complication with the boat motor everything went perfectly well and we have two lovely new cabins.

When they arrived with the first load of supplies the plan was to scout out the nearby island and surrounding area for a possible new building spot.  Everyone jumped into the boat, they started up the motor and off they went to explore… until the motor gave out on them a few feet into the journey!  Try as they might they could not get it working.  After many phone calls back and forth no motor was to be found nearby in Dease Lake (most likely due to everyone needing theirs for the annual fishing derby!) so they had to scout out the surrounding area by foot.  After many hours of hiking they determined that near the original cabin would be the most ideal spot and the construction began.

Jim and Dempsey along with Ty planned out the cabins and worked long hours while Taylor looked after the cooking for them.  They picked two spots close to the water with a great view and after a week of hard work they were done.  They did of course get a chance to have a bit of fun as well.  Going out in the evenings to go fishing, practice their rowing skills, have a beer and reel in some huge pike.  Too bad our cook and wrangler weren’t there to row them around!    

We are very excited for our first hunters this season to test out the newest accommodations and check out the big makeover that the camp got.